Blub is a game about growth and the gradual change of perspective that comes with it. The world is bigger than it seems...

  • Eat.
  • Explore.
  • Grow.

How to Play:

  • Hold down a direction away from your Blub and it will venture in that direction.
  • Pass over plants to consume them and cause your Blub to grow. 
  • Growing lowers your speed relatively.
  • Tap your Blub to decrease it's size but increase it's speed relatively.
  • Avoid Blubs that head towards you. They are natural predators.
  • Consume Blubs that run away from you. They are natural prey.
  • Grow until you cannot.


Link to the app files:


Concept Design:
- lombardus

Technical Support:
- hsaka

- syncopika
- Daniel Stephens (Scribe)

Title Screen Art:
- ansimuz



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Very cute and relaxing game, although it puts up a fair challenge! :D Finding new flowers was difficult and I rarely ran into predators/prey. If I could recommend anything, it would be to improve the graphics(the background is VERY low-poly), fix the cut in the music loop, and add more flowers/prey/predators in the early areas.

Ha, thank you very much for the feedback LaiinB! :-)
Yes, the lack of flowers seems to be a common complaint. I'm taking note of the music loop advice as well, thanks very much for that. With regard to the graphics, without spoiling much, i'd say they are like that for a reason. You just need to eat enough flowers to find out! (Which, unfortunately, leads back to complaint number one!).

When I make the adjustments, besides making a general update post, I'll be sure to reply here so you can get notified. I do hope you give it another go at that point! :-)

Thanks again for the feedback!